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There is no bone of contention that India is the country of vast contradictions;On one hand India is producing crème de la crème dynamic young work force be it in the field of technology, science, medical or academics whereas on the other hand there are millions of underprivileged children who are even deprived of their basic right” Right to Education” that can empower them to turn around their lives and make noteworthy contributions in the country’s socio-economic growth altogether. Despite the fact that when it comes to quality higher education system globally; India is although placed third in the global index only next to China and USA and is also fast emerging as the education hub of the world but, in the wake of ground realities, we need to stop looking at the current situation with the rose-tinted glass as without ado, lack of education is the root cause of poverty and no country in the world can achieve inclusive and sustainable economic growth unless its entire population has impartial and equal access to the education.

The “GoodWorks” trust; leading NGO in Noida in fine tune with the government’s mission of “education to all”are pushing all the boundaries and working zealously round the clock transforming the lives of socially marginalized children by enrolling them successfully in schools where they get free quality education that enable and groom them to become well equipped and self- reliant in their respective lives.Noida based NGO “GoodWorks “trust over the years has become the hallmark of sheer commitment and devotionas far as welfare of the underprivileged children in Noida is concerned. The NGO has been tirelessly working towards upliftment of the underprivileged children overcoming all the barriers and challenges vis a vis with regards to facing resistance from the parents who were initially reluctant in sending their children to schools as they fear of losing the earning members. As the fact of the matter, ignorant parents unaware of the importance of the education as a powerful weapon in breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty; ingenuously pushtheir children into the child labour in a bid to get some financial support while dealing with grave issue of poverty.

But, thanks to the“GoodWorks”trust; undisputedly being best NGO in Noida not succumbing to the pressures and unwearyingly coaxing parents to send their kids to school to avail free education as it paves the way for the better and promising future ahead. Furthermore, The NGO also emphasizes on the need for imparting quality education to the girls as shockingly the percentage of girl’s drop out from the schools has soared up by many notches in recent years.

Educational NGO in Noida like “GoodWorks” trust is stepping up efforts in ensuring that girls are motivated to join schools and at least complete their formal education in a happy conducive environment.If a girl has an access to the quality education then it will not only empower herbut, will also transform societies, communities and countries at large and to top that it also serves as stepping stones for the stable and resilient society.
The “GoodWorks” trust has not just stopped on providing free quality education to the underprivileged children but, the NGO has also launched string of skill development programs where students undertake vocational trainings that guarantee them sustainable livelihood and augment earning capabilities of the marginalized section of the society.

The government, corporates and the individuals need to come together to lend their helping hands to ensure that all welfare programs kicked off for the well-being of the underprivileged children shouldn’t hit upon the stumbling blocks. Generous donations by the individuals and affluent people will definitelygo a long way in grooming the socially marginalized children who are like rough diamonds and if groomed and honed appropriately thenthey will shine and will become productive economically to eradicate poverty.

The NGOs in Noida have also been trying to bridge the educational gap that has been fast widening as it’s no secret that girls drop out has been highest in India due to early marriage of girls, lack of safety in schools, andage-old traditional belief system that girls should better stay at homes helping in household chores and sibling care. Let’ pledge together to lay foundation for the better tomorrow by making better today.