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One Small Step is Giant Leap for the Mankind

“But, I have Promises to Keep,
And Miles to Go Before I Sleep,
Miles to Go Before I Sleep”
“India Must Revamp its Present Education System In Order to Cater to the 21st Century Needs”
Educational Reforms: Need of the Hour

Thanks to the Chinese virus that the whole world has turned its attention to the India and its age-oldYoga tradition. In the wake of the ongoing Corona crisis that has made super powers of the world go down on its knees, India is combating valiantly against the deadly virus embracing and finding solace in Yoga. Finally, Yoga has got its long overdue and India must cease this opportunity to reclaim its fading glory as “Vishwa Guru” also. If India really wants to call shots on international matters it needs to address the deterrents that are acting as roadblocks preventing India from joining the elite club of super powers of the world.

The current education system is one of the weakest spots denting India’s global image as India continues to follow colonial time system that needs to be rejigged and transformed that is best suited to cater to the 21st century needs. India must formulate reforms and policies that are in sync with the current requirements imbibing the features of the countries that boasts of having best educational policies currently. The need of the hour is that India must create an educational ecosystem that is based on pragmatism, flexibility, innovation and holistic approach altogether where three hours exam and afterwards judging student’s potential based on the performance in the exam should be immediately replaced by far more practical reforms.

Children are like flowers of the garden that are though delicate but if nourished and groomed properly will bloom and spread their fragrance everywhere. In order to tap their potential copiously we need to resurrect and restrengthen and ditch the myopic approach towards addressing the loopholes ingrained in our education system.
The radical changes need to be carried out from the grass root level making education not a privilegefor the few but, ensure equitable accessibility of quality education at all levels of schooling from pre- primary school to grade 12. Discrimination of students on the basis of their economical backgrounds should be discouraged outrightly and talent should be the only sole criteria to enroll students in schools.

We must applaud Delhi government’s perceptive decision to bring overwhelming changes with respect to the despicable condition of the government schools in Delhi. Making it as one of the top priorities of the government, chief minister fired all the cylinders going all out to improve the overall infrastructure, bringing best faculties on board to shape the future of the students, clubbing technology and education together and most importantly, making education absolutely free that is indeed an audacious move. Unless we don’t make education absolutely free and accessible for students coming from the weaker sections of the society, no country as the matter of the fact can achieve inclusive growth.

Other states also must follow the suit if we really honest about eliminating disparity widely prevalent in the education sector. Although, we have to go a long way before making India education hub of the world but, we must remember the fact that “One Small Step is Giant Leap for the Mankind”.

Charity For Underprivileged Youth in Noida

The Youths are the true assets for any country provided that policies of the government are centered around them as they are the future’s leaders, innovators and the ultimate hope of the nation.The dynamic and talented youngsters from India are shining globally making the country proud. But everything that glitters is not gold as the latest revealed data paints a very gloomy and contrasting picture of the Country. Although, the premier engineering, medical and management institutes from India are ranked among top notch institutes globally but such elite institutes are like small drops in ocean and couldn’t cater to the need of the entire youth population as despite all brouhaha and sloganeering India lags far behind other developed economies when it comes to producing skilled workforce. Sadly, the large part of the Indian populationis still struggling to have an access to their constitutional right that is “Right to Education”.

Thanks to the NGO like “GoodWorks” Trust that has been winning hearts of the people in Noida for its overwhelming array of path-breaking initiatives to transform the lives of the underprivileged youths who are the future of the country. Of- late, the NGO has organized the beautician classes particularly dedicated to the thousands of socially marginalized womenwith aim to empower them economically. The pioneer NGO has invited makeup experts from the industryto impart and facilitate underprivileged women on how to successfully pursue beautician course and become proud bread-winners of their families. The NGO is leaving no stone unturned and wholeheartedly trying to bring smile on the faces of the hundreds of the socially marginalized women and girls by undertaking such plausibleendeavors.

The Noida based NGO has been on the forefront of launching campaigns and programs that can bring revolutionary changes in the lives of the underprivileged youth as the NGO ardently believes that youths are the changing agents and moreover, the building blocks of the nation and echoing the same sentiments “Franklin D Roosevelt” also once famously said that “we cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”.Drawing inspiration from these aforesaid historic lines “GoodWorks” Noida has made charities for underprivileged youth, Noida its mission.

The NGO along with providing free education and successfully enrolling hundreds of students in schools also, simultaneously running skill development programs as well as personality development classes that needless to say, playing pivotal role in boosting the self – esteem of the socially disadvantaged children and bringing them at par with the other privileged childrenin the society. The high and the mighty people of the country must come forward to lend their support to ensure that such noble endeavors not hit the roadblock. The charity for the underprivileged children, Noida will ensure that we can work on filling the gaps in providing better facilities and overall strengthening the infrastructure to give them all the right exposure and can furthermore, build the invigorating ambiencefor the underprivileged youths to unleash their potential to the fullest. Undisputedly, underprivileged youths can also flourish and excel in their lives if are not discriminated and given equal opportunities to shine and rise. Let’s give wind beneath their wings so that they can also soar and fly high in the sky and salvage their families from the vicious cycle of poverty.

The Need for the Social Empowerment of Woman

The Need for the Social Empowerment of Woman

We couldn’t agree more with the GD Anderson; a famous Australian activist, that “Feminism isn’t about making women stronger; women are already strong; it’s about changing the way world perceives that strength”.

Despite all hullabaloo and extravagant claims around empowering women in India socially, justly and economically, the grim reality is that female labour participation in India plummeted to a record low of 15.5 % in the post COVID world. All latest studies however affirm the fact that if woman is treated at par with the man and rendered with equal opportunities to learn, grow and evolve then a child has 20 percent better chance of wholesome growth and interestingly against 40 % of income being spent by the men on the fundamental necessities of the family; women spend 90 percent of their income on education, health and food for raising their families. The aforementioned data speaks volume that women play prominent role in the nation-building and sustainable development of the country. Therefore, in order to uplift the economic, social and political status of women we, as a nation need to put our act together to achieve the goal.

“GoodWorks” Trust is a ray of hope for vulnerable women coming from the disadvantaged communities in Noida

The array of women empowerment organizations in India doing phenomenal work for the women’s welfare and “GoodWorks” trust-based in Noida is one of the leading flagbearers making notable contributions with regards to empowering women through launching skill development programs that eventually enable women to become bread winners of their families and get themselves free from the cycle of poverty to ultimately lead respectful life altogether.

“A small Step for the Women Empowerment is a Giant leap for the Mankind”

“GoodWorks” trust echoing the sentiments of the need for women empowerment has been setting new benchmarks by strengthening underprivileged women coming from the weaker sections of the society through providing quality education, running self- awareness programs, offering vocational training and launching gamut of special skill development programs that specifically emphasize on self – employment of the women. One of the most remarkable achievements of the “GoodWorks” NGO is that with the mission of “Save Girls Save India” objective, it hasal ready successfully rescued many young girls from getting married at adolescent age. Therefore, it’s overwhelming to see that the Noida based organization has been fighting against all odds as well as against the regressive patriarchal mindset deeply rooted in our country that women are only meant to be home-makers. “GoodWorks” trust ensures that underprivileged women metamorphose into skilled workers to support her families and moreover can stand for themselves amid any challenges. Therefore, the trust provides free quality education as well as vocational training to achieve this goal.

Please Support the Noble Cause
It’s quite alarming that despite the fact, that women constitute for half the population of the country; the role of woman in our country is just relegated to being the primary care takers of the family. Time and again it’s proven that no country can achieve sustainable economic and social prosperity unless women are given equitable opportunities to flourish in all spheres of life. Following this mantra religiously “GoodWorks” trust, a leading female empowerment organization in Noida has taken many vulnerable women under its wings to empower them through string of welfare programs. In order to continue with the humanitarian work for the betterment of society, we as a nation also need to come together to extend our support through making substantial contributions whether through needful donations and otherwise.



Children NGOs in Noida

Children NGOs in Noida

“I slept and dreamt that life was a joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy”.
The beautiful thought-provoking aforementioned quote by legendry poet and writer Rabindranath Tagore perhaps sums it all; that happiness that one gets devoting life for the betterment of others, undoubtedly leads to the unparallel joy and serenity.

Without ado India is a land of vast contradictions. Ever since the Indian economy opened to the global market post-liberalization period, we have been witnessing unprecedented growth figures catapulting India on an incredible growth pedestal. But all that glitters is not gold, despite all hype and hoopla, the economic inequality has been rising sharply with high and mighty getting richer and bizarrely holding 77 % of the total national wealth. On the flip side, marginalized sections of society even struggle to earn minimum wage to survive and have access to quality education and healthcare services. The very fact is bound to dent India’s image globally.

Education is a powerful weapon in bringing deep-seated changes in society.
The role of NGO has become quite crucial amidst rising inequalities widely prevalent in our society at large. Children NGOs in Noida have been painstakingly working towards bridging that gap. “GoodWorks”the Noida based NGOhasemerged as the leading torch-bearer and doing phenomenal service for the betterment of the underprivileged children providing them quality education by successfully enrolling them in schools. The NGO is pushing all boundaries to ensure that no child is deprived of their fundamental right and avail free education that will empower them to break the chain of poverty and lead a prosperous life.“GoodWorks” NGO is working at the grass-roots level to strengthen the education system in India.

Moreover, “GoodWorks”is also simultaneously conducting a gamut of other equally significant activities for the wholesome development of the slum kids. The NGO organizes special yoga and meditation session for the kids that needless to say play a vital role in boosting the self-esteem of the kids, reducing anxiety level among them and on top of that strengthening their physical and mental well-being altogether. Furthermore, The Noida-based NGO also recently launched a cleanliness and hygiene drive for the disadvantaged kids creating awareness about the healthy surrounding and subsequently, involving them in some cleanliness activities to make them aware about the importance of building and living in a healthy world.

Children NGOs near me are also doing equally commendable work with regards to the upliftment of the vulnerable disadvantaged children conducting skill development classes and paying equal emphasis on having holistic development of the kids by exposing them to the extra-curricular activities also.

By conducting multiple activities NGOs in Noida aim at instilling confidence in children, fostering personality development, making them aware of their rights and developing requisite skills to become self-dependent in their lives.

Let’s come together and become part of the positive changes
The privileged and the affluent class of the society must lend their support in transforming the lives of the underprivileged children and their generous donations can go a long way in improving the infrastructure of the schools, providing adequate quality training to the teachers and making books and the other important resources available for the kids.

NGO Working for Women Empowerment in Noida

NGO Working for Women Empowerment in Noida

Undoubtedly, the 21st century belongs to the illustrious Indian women as they have come a long way making their remarkable presence felt in all spheres of life. Be it the field of academics, literature science, business, space, technology, politics or the army, women have been successfully proving that they are at par with the men when it comes to matching competence, skills and endurance through their mettle, grit and body of work. Women in India have been seamlessly breaking all the stereotypical thoughts, shattering the glass ceiling and taboos that they are born to be confined within the four walls of the house and less competent than their male counterparts. From Kalpana Chawla to the PT Usha and Indira Nooyi to Dipa Karmakar there are numerous examples of eminent women of Indian nationality and origin calling the shots and making the country proud with their incredible feat and achievements across the globe.

But, sadly as the matter of the fact, women’s empowerment in India paints the contradictory picture. On one hand there is long list of prominent women ruling the roost through their great array of achievements and success whereas on the other hand there are millions of women bravely combating the patriarchal mindsets deeply entrenched in the Indian society. Unfortunately, majority of the Indian women are still struggling to have access to their basic rights like education, food and health. Female empowerment organizations in Noida are pushing the envelopes and setting the new benchmarks when it comes to empowering the women and boosting their self–esteem and shutting down all kind of negativities by providing them free education,skill-based training and other equally important trainings.

In spite of all adversaries and mounting challenges, the NGOs in Noida have come as a whiff of fresh air and have been scrupulously working round the clock for empowering the women coming from the underprivileged and the weaker sections of the society. Women empowerment NGO Noidaspecifically working towards addressing the issues of gender discrimination, fighting for women’s s right as well as breaking socio-economic barriers that deter women from becoming part of mainstream society. The fact of the matter is that empowering women is requisite to the wholesome development of the family, communities and the country at large as educationally and economically empowered women can contribute their skills to the workforce and eventually can make notable contributions towards making a sustainable economy and prosperous country altogether.

In the last century while the world has witnessed a phenomenal spurt as far as women’s economic participation is concerned but, on the contrary, despite India’s booming economy and robust GDP growth, country current female labour force participation rate has plummeted to the dismal20 percent that is sadly lowest in the world.

NGOs based in Noida are particularly working for marginalized women who are victims of domestic violence and all other sorts of abuses. In a pursuit to empower them the female empowerment organizations are facilitating them with six months of rigorous training that largely includes self-defense and moreover, making them aware about their sexual and reproductive rights that needless to say enable them to lead life with dignity and self–respect.
In addition to all these exemplary initiatives, NGOs in Noidaalso emphasize on the importance of women being financially independent. As the changing agents and flag bearers of women empowerment NGOs are conducting skill-based development programs that eventually guarantee them secured livelihood. This in turn also allows them to hold control of their lives.

Indisputably, women all over the world despite, making a great deal of progress continue to face discrimination and violence at all levels but, thanks to the NGOs that are altruistically working towards women empowerment, promoting and instilling a sense of self-worth and making them capable of taking independent decisions and choices to ultimately contributing in making a peaceful and better society altogether.