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The Youths are the true assets for any country provided that policies of the government are centered around them as they are the future’s leaders, innovators and the ultimate hope of the nation.The dynamic and talented youngsters from India are shining globally making the country proud. But everything that glitters is not gold as the latest revealed data paints a very gloomy and contrasting picture of the Country. Although, the premier engineering, medical and management institutes from India are ranked among top notch institutes globally but such elite institutes are like small drops in ocean and couldn’t cater to the need of the entire youth population as despite all brouhaha and sloganeering India lags far behind other developed economies when it comes to producing skilled workforce. Sadly, the large part of the Indian populationis still struggling to have an access to their constitutional right that is “Right to Education”.

Thanks to the NGO like “GoodWorks” Trust that has been winning hearts of the people in Noida for its overwhelming array of path-breaking initiatives to transform the lives of the underprivileged youths who are the future of the country. Of- late, the NGO has organized the beautician classes particularly dedicated to the thousands of socially marginalized womenwith aim to empower them economically. The pioneer NGO has invited makeup experts from the industryto impart and facilitate underprivileged women on how to successfully pursue beautician course and become proud bread-winners of their families. The NGO is leaving no stone unturned and wholeheartedly trying to bring smile on the faces of the hundreds of the socially marginalized women and girls by undertaking such plausibleendeavors.

The Noida based NGO has been on the forefront of launching campaigns and programs that can bring revolutionary changes in the lives of the underprivileged youth as the NGO ardently believes that youths are the changing agents and moreover, the building blocks of the nation and echoing the same sentiments “Franklin D Roosevelt” also once famously said that “we cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”.Drawing inspiration from these aforesaid historic lines “GoodWorks” Noida has made charities for underprivileged youth, Noida its mission.

The NGO along with providing free education and successfully enrolling hundreds of students in schools also, simultaneously running skill development programs as well as personality development classes that needless to say, playing pivotal role in boosting the self – esteem of the socially disadvantaged children and bringing them at par with the other privileged childrenin the society. The high and the mighty people of the country must come forward to lend their support to ensure that such noble endeavors not hit the roadblock. The charity for the underprivileged children, Noida will ensure that we can work on filling the gaps in providing better facilities and overall strengthening the infrastructure to give them all the right exposure and can furthermore, build the invigorating ambiencefor the underprivileged youths to unleash their potential to the fullest. Undisputedly, underprivileged youths can also flourish and excel in their lives if are not discriminated and given equal opportunities to shine and rise. Let’s give wind beneath their wings so that they can also soar and fly high in the sky and salvage their families from the vicious cycle of poverty.