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I still remember, when a few days back, I was talking to my class about dreams, and a young kid suddenly jumped up to ask directly as “Why are dreams so important”? I kept quite for a while, and replied slowly… it is simply important so as to keep us all going and rising high with our achievements.

She also reminded me an incident of my childhood when once my father asked me “Beta what do you dream of your profession?” and my answer was very firm and quick that I wanted to be a Teacher. It was at the age of 10, but I realized a change at 12 to be a Pilot, at 15 – a doctor and at 22- an entrepreneur and I could still see it changing every day and moment.   

I do believe that dreaming is the very first steps of what we further do in our lives. They help us to imagine a better future and a life full of possibilities. I am really lucky enough and blessed that my parents told me that the only ambition I need to have is to fulfill my dreams, whatever that maybe.

But at GOODWORKS’, these children are too young to articulate these big philosophies, but I can surely see it in there eyes of 
wanting to be an artist, a player, a policeman, a doctor or a teacher. We together have to encourage them and help them keep dreaming….dreaming big everyday. We help them to create a world as beautiful as their dreams, paintings and imaginations. We thank all our co workers at GoodWorks who keep us and kids motivated and pushing them to produce and come up with the best version within themselves.

Children without dreams will perish ultimately. There is a part of them that dies everytime, when they see no chances, choices and Support. You need to help these kids to keep their dreams high and value them. These dreams could only find a solution in future for rising demand of Leadership, Humanity & Empathy and a better future.

Now it’s our duty to identify a needful child and ask as “what is your dream?” and then make sure to help him/her to achieve that dream by encouraging and reminding that “How their dream matters”. Each child is a star, we just need to help them to rise high in the Sky.

Smriti Mishra