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“But, I have Promises to Keep,
And Miles to Go Before I Sleep,
Miles to Go Before I Sleep”
“India Must Revamp its Present Education System In Order to Cater to the 21st Century Needs”
Educational Reforms: Need of the Hour

Thanks to the Chinese virus that the whole world has turned its attention to the India and its age-oldYoga tradition. In the wake of the ongoing Corona crisis that has made super powers of the world go down on its knees, India is combating valiantly against the deadly virus embracing and finding solace in Yoga. Finally, Yoga has got its long overdue and India must cease this opportunity to reclaim its fading glory as “Vishwa Guru” also. If India really wants to call shots on international matters it needs to address the deterrents that are acting as roadblocks preventing India from joining the elite club of super powers of the world.

The current education system is one of the weakest spots denting India’s global image as India continues to follow colonial time system that needs to be rejigged and transformed that is best suited to cater to the 21st century needs. India must formulate reforms and policies that are in sync with the current requirements imbibing the features of the countries that boasts of having best educational policies currently. The need of the hour is that India must create an educational ecosystem that is based on pragmatism, flexibility, innovation and holistic approach altogether where three hours exam and afterwards judging student’s potential based on the performance in the exam should be immediately replaced by far more practical reforms.

Children are like flowers of the garden that are though delicate but if nourished and groomed properly will bloom and spread their fragrance everywhere. In order to tap their potential copiously we need to resurrect and restrengthen and ditch the myopic approach towards addressing the loopholes ingrained in our education system.
The radical changes need to be carried out from the grass root level making education not a privilegefor the few but, ensure equitable accessibility of quality education at all levels of schooling from pre- primary school to grade 12. Discrimination of students on the basis of their economical backgrounds should be discouraged outrightly and talent should be the only sole criteria to enroll students in schools.

We must applaud Delhi government’s perceptive decision to bring overwhelming changes with respect to the despicable condition of the government schools in Delhi. Making it as one of the top priorities of the government, chief minister fired all the cylinders going all out to improve the overall infrastructure, bringing best faculties on board to shape the future of the students, clubbing technology and education together and most importantly, making education absolutely free that is indeed an audacious move. Unless we don’t make education absolutely free and accessible for students coming from the weaker sections of the society, no country as the matter of the fact can achieve inclusive growth.

Other states also must follow the suit if we really honest about eliminating disparity widely prevalent in the education sector. Although, we have to go a long way before making India education hub of the world but, we must remember the fact that “One Small Step is Giant Leap for the Mankind”.