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December, the month of festivities and fervor kicked -off with much pomp and anticipation around the globe and people worldwide rung up “Christmas Day” partying hard and gifting their beloveds and friends the most expensive gifts in a bid to flaunt and keep their stature intact altogether. Obviously, the festive spirit seems to have taken everyone in its grip and with new year around the corner people have already swung into the festive mode.

But let’s press the pause button and take few minutes of your precious time and think about those millions of impoverished children out there who are even struggling to get two square meals but what a paradox? that there are many who superfluously splurging huge money in the name of celebrating the festivals. In retrospect, we all will agree that the true essence of celebrating any festival is to bring the smile on the faces of the needful and shower unconditional love and obviously the unequivocal happiness and joy we receive in return give us unparalleled serenity.

The time is ripe to cease the opportunity and make the most of it by becoming Santa Clause in someone’s life and brush their empty canvas like life with colors of rainbow. Even a small gesture of kindness can go a long way in bringing positive changes in their lives and as anticipated they will definitely cherish these great moments for their lifetime. Sponsoring the fees of at least onestudent or even for that matter donating stationery items and books or cloths will although not cost much but, will surely transform the lives of the several destitute kidsand will give us happiness and gratification of a lifetime.

Let’s join hands with Noida-based “GoodWorks” Trust in their tireless endeavor to transform the lives of the thousand children who need our impeccable support, love, care and patronage.