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Well, what I came across is something which could not stop me from sharing with you all.
That day I was quite late to my destination, when I was on the way,

I heard some sound of children speaking something altogether which I had never heard before for the last few months.
My curiosity took me inside a room where there were almost 25 students all around a young, smart and enthusiastic gal who they were calling “Madam”.

I approached her and talk to her. She was at the extent of politeness while speaking. Her name was Smriti Mishra, an MBA in e-business. Lucrative salary could not deter her desperate willingness to provide education to underprivileged children because her views said that it is “Education” only which can provide us the basic amenities of life – Food, Shelter and Clothing.
On asking that what do you get in return she said “smile on children’s faces give me immense satisfaction, which is worth more than any reward.
Really it was very different feeling what I felt that time.
Their journey started in a park where a no. of children kept wandering all the time as it took a few months to make a further arrangement of a room. Those children who didn’t have even the basic etiquette like brushing one’s own teeth, taking a bath daily, keeping oneself neat and clean , now have started doing so and are improving day by day. Not only this many children have started to going school.
They are rendering the kids all sorts of help which they can.
When I asked her where does the fund come from? She just smiled and said we try to manage the things from our savings.

I am so inspired that I am definitely gonna join Eastsons’ GoodWorks and feel the unmatchable joy of being human.

It’s an appeal to you all that please join Eastsons’ GoodWorks and feel the unmatchable joy of being human. Please come forward and make these children life better and your life worthy by being a part of such a noble cause.

Neha Tripathi