Let’s do some GoodWorks!

Mainstreaming the Underprivileged

Let’s do some GoodWorks!

Advocating the Human Rights


Padhna Hai

Free education to all


Food for all


Lifting from the slums

Know About Us

We @ GoodWorks

We aim to reach out to the underprivileged section of the society and help them to avail education as a tool to get empowered.

  • We are a charitable trust committed to help all those in needs. Our aim to bring lasting and positive change in the lives of deprived youth & children with their overall development through different awareness programs , non-formal education and activities.
  • We are aiming at working for the uplift of the weaker section of the society. We work for education of impoverished women and needy children who are under difficult circumstances such as child labour, street and runaway children, poor families, disaster struck children and slum dwellers


Be the hope, Be the help

All those growing up in poverty are facing utter challenges of hunger & malnutrition, no or minimum access to education, Lack of medical services and a lot of times facing social discrimination. We appeal everyone as we together can find them better health, education & lifestyle and grow a confidence which can have a lasting impact in their lives and eventually to our community.

We aim to bridge the gap between “communities in need” and “people willing to help”. We focus on helping the deprived youth and children with personality growth and developing critical thinking through non formal education and activities.

Free Education

Education is a basic human right and significant factor in the development of children, communities and countries.

Women Empowerment

Imparting special skills in order to

make them financially independent and able to stand up for any social injustice against them.

Food & Health Security

Eliminating hunger and malnutrition problems from children by giving them nutritive food under our campaign “Poshan”.

Human Rights & Advocacy

Advocating the fundamental and human rights to those who cannot afford the costly legal consultation and support.

5 Community Centres giving direct benefits
300+ Enrolled to Regular Schools
Free Medical Camps and Food Security
1000+ Volunteers & Donors


Ways to Contribute

Sponsor a child

Come forward and help a child to get his basic studies, food, nutrition and a good life ahead.

Sponsor Food & Medicines

Come ahead to get food to the hungry & needy people. It’s not only the food, but nutrition and health is the priority.

Support Community Centres

Community centers are backbone to all those living in the nearby slums. We stand for their needs & rights.

Happy Volunteers

Bhawna Mahajan

New Delhi

Nishant Puniya

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Ekta Sharma

Dharamshala, HP

Mohit Kumar

Ghaziabad, UP

Shivam Kapil

Surat , Gujarat

Paramjeet Singh

New Delhi

Shilpa Joshi

Pune , Maharashtra

Khyati Rastogi

Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh

Hema Biswa


Vanshika Dedha

New Delhi

Anjali Gupta

Noida , Uttar Pradesh

Shruti Mazumdar

Kolkata, West Bengal
Tanmay Kavathekar

Mississauga, Ontio

Twinkle Bhargwa

Gent, Belgium

Deepak Kumar

New Delhi

NehaShree Medhi

Gauhati, Assam

Siddharath Rai


Mrigalika Mazumdar

Noida, Ghaziabad



Asekho Nakhro



New Delhi

Panchi Buragohain

Gauhati, Assam

Arpita Sarkar

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Neha Singh

Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Let’s do some GoodWorks

Neha Tripathi

“It has been long time since I have been there physically, but my heart stays there. The innocent faces of kids are always fresh in my eyes. Their smile, their voice, their attitude, their improved version from zero to hero, all are well captured in my mindset. GoodWorks is such a place, where one gets energized even after getting exhausted while dealing with no less than notorious kids.”

Appreciations For GoodWorks

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.

Shivam Kapil

One of the most active NGOs in Noida working for the social well-being of the underprivileged sections of the society. Education to children and their upliftment being at core to their agenda, the organisation empowers underprivileged children (from slums & financially weak segments of the society) with opportunities to learn and seek formal education.

Appreciations For GoodWorks

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.

Sumit Mondal

My association with GoodWorks Trust has been short but I must admit that it was a very pleasant experience. I loved interacting with children and GoodWorks has provided me this opportunity where, I was able to share my knowledge with those children and engage them in various activities along with supporting their curriculum.

Shilpa Joshi

I feel so fortunate that I got a chance to serve the society through GoodWorks.. The enthusiasm of the kids, Smriti ma’am and all other volunteers is what kept me going and made each day a learning experience for me. My dream for children is not only food, clothing ,shelter but also proper education, guidance and love from all.


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Building bridges for the underprivileged !

Proudly published in various newspapers, magazines, web spaces and other media platforms. We are thankful to all those who spread the “GoodWorks”