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Let’s do some “GoodWorks”

All those growing up in poverty are facing utter challenges of hunger & malnutrition, no or minimum access to education, Lack of medical services and a lot of times facing social discrimination. We appeal everyone as we together can find them better health, education & lifestyle and grow a confidence which can have a lasting impact in their lives and eventually to our community.

At GoodWorks Trust

We promote and advocate the rights of underprivileged and vulnerable sections of the society. We aim to reach out to the underprivileged section of the society and help them to avail education as a tool to get empowered. 

We Believe

That contributing your talent & time for social upgradation will fetch you a life changing experience of revelation, spiritual and mental gratification. It’s our firm belief that if we want to see the world as a just and fair place where one is given equal opportunities , education is what we require.

We aim to bridge the gap between “communities in need” and “people willing to help”. We focus on helping the deprived youth and children with personality growth and developing critical thinking through non formal education and activities.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and according to the latest IMF report 2020; India will continue to witness double digit growth on the back of robust infrastructural development, business friendly economic reforms, skilled work force, digital boom and political stability. But, on the contrary about 25% of children in India have no access to the education and other basic facilities. In fact, with 22% Indians living below poverty line; India is home to one –third of all world poverty.

GoodWorks Trust

Ever since our inception we have been pushing the boundaries in terms of providing inclusive and equitable free quality education to the underprivileged sections of the society and empowering them altogether.  At GoodWorks trust, we take immense pride in the fact that we own a team of incredible volunteers and individuals who are endowed with indomitable spirit and committed to working day in and day out ensuring that not a single child remains deprived of the education that ultimately serves as the stepping stones and furthermore, lays the foundation for the better tomorrow. We have already successfully enrolled 500 + children in government schools and still going strong in our endeavour to empower and nurture the vulnerable children of the society who are the future of vibrant India.

Ongoing Causes

For such endeavour to keep going, it needs more people, more involvement as it is not one man’s affair. It necessarily requires support from the concerned intellectuals of the society without which accomplishment of such a noble cause can never be possible. We appeal to all readers to come and join us to do some goodworks together.

Save Little Farhaan

We taking the initiative to help save the life of the little Farhaan. Farhaan is 12 year boy, diagnosed with dreadly disease “Thalassemia” when he was just 6 month old.

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Online Classes during COVID-19 for underprivileged kids

Due to this COVID-19 pandemic, the schools are now running online classes all over India but a large section of underprivileged children is devoid of resources.

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Donate NCERT books to help Student

We believe that CBSE curriculum is best for any Kid to get streamline a better education & knowledge grasping. We severly need NCERT books for class 6, 7, 8, & 9.

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Sponsor a Child

A lot of kids couldn’t afford even the elementary education. You can certainly help one of them and ensure a better future society for all.


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Our Programs

Your Continuous support will help us by leaps and bounds. 

Lifting from Slums

Slums of our Country have been described as “the filthiest in the World”. Insanitation, Congestion and Over- crowding are the main problems of Slums. EastSon’s GoodWorks works towards arousing civic consciousness and social uplift of the nearby slum dwellers.

Free Child Education

Education is a basic human right and significant factor in the development of children, communities and countries. Education imparts these children a path to be followed and reach out to better career opportunities. It gives consciousness and wisdom to live happily.

Women Empowerment

Despite being the backbone of the Society, women, who are delivering multiple roles of a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a competent colleague and many other roles, have been an ignored fraction of the society. This in turn has caused them to bear the brunt of inequality.

Skill Development / Employment

Skill Development is a life long process and is a very crucial part of one’s success in life. It improves one’s employability as it makes one more accessible to employers as compared to the unskilled people.

Free Medical Dispensary

People residing in slums, face many problems like improper sanitation, unhygienic environmental conditions, social, health, educational and cultural problems and many more. Almost everyone is aware of the fact “Health is Wealth” but not everyone can afford to accumulate this wealth.

We’ve educated thousands of slum kids

GoodWorks Trust is a non profit organisation helping the underprivileged people in the society and focuses on different practices which could eventually improve the overall knowledge, living standard, hygiene practices and at last but not the least, the conscious of the individual, slum dweller kids, underprivileged girl child and women of the society. We do it simply by imparting them elementary education, basic necessities, consultation about skill development and  earning bread and butter for life respectfully. We have proudly enrolled about 50 slum kids as normal students to Govt. Schools and joining the mainstream. We are further mentoring them to cope up with the lags. 

    Why we do this:


    • To bring consciousness among the slum dwellers.
    • Providing opportunities to the Underprivileged and get them joined to the mainstream
    • Make a Girl child more educated and strong in the society.
    • Making Women in our society more Empowered & Skilled.
    • Promoting better Health & Hygiene

      You Can Help Us By

      Volunteering A Program

      Volunteers like you are a ray of hope for those whose lives are plunged into the darkness of despair. So, come forward and give your contribution in showing them the path.

      Sponsoring A Child

      Education is an important tool for every  child whether boy or girl to analyse the world around and handle it more efficinetly. Let’s get together for this noble cause to educate the underpriviledged.

      One time/Monthly Donation

      Kindly come forward and give donations, without which this noble initiative can never succeed.
      “Even smallest of the smallest contribution counts.”

      News & Updates

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      Let’s do some GoodWorks together?