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When we started our child sponsorship program decades ago, we worked out of cramped, rented buildings. Then we made a leap of faith. In 1991, with the help of some extremely dedicated and generous donors, we built our first community center.

Once it was finished, our work was just getting started. We hired local professionals to staff the community center and mentor our children and youth.

Today, we have built and now operate 67 community centers in vulnerable neighborhoods around the world and grown our program offerings, staff and volunteers to provide life-changing support to children and youth with the ultimate goal of helping them break free from poverty. 


Be the hope, Be the help

All those growing up in poverty are facing utter challenges of hunger & malnutrition, no or minimum access to education, Lack of medical services and a lot of times facing social discrimination. We appeal everyone as we together can find them better health, education & lifestyle and grow a confidence which can have a lasting impact in their lives and eventually to our community.

We aim to bridge the gap between “communities in need” and “people willing to help”. We focus on helping the deprived youth and children with personality growth and developing critical thinking through non formal education and activities.

Free Education

Education is a basic human right and significant factor in the development of children, communities and countries.

Women Empowerment

Imparting special skills in order to

make them financially independent and able to stand up for any social injustice against them.

Food & Health Security

Eliminating hunger and malnutrition problems from children by giving them nutritive food under our campaign “Poshan”.

Human Rights & Advocacy

Advocating the fundamental and human rights to those who cannot afford the costly legal consultation and support.

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