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About Us

We aim to reach out to the underprivileged section of the society and help them to avail education as a tool to get empowered. It is therefore , we are seeking support from our fellow humans to step out and help us to grow our resources and hands to serve the needful.

GoodWorks Trust

Founded in 2016, was started with a vision to facilitate and improve the living condition of those who are underprivileged in the society. We started with the nearby slum dwellers by imparting them elementary education, fundamental rights and basic hygiene standards.

We are a charitable trust committed to help all those in needs. Our aim to bring lasting and positive change in the lives of deprived youth & children with their overall development through different awareness programs , non-formal education and activities.

We are aiming at working for the uplift of the weaker section of the society. We work for education of impoverished women and needy children who are under difficult circumstances such as child labour, street and runaway children, poor families, disaster struck children and slum dwellers.

Our Story

How We Got Started

EastSons GoodWorks Trust is a non profit organisation helping the underprivileged people in the society and focuses on different practices which could eventually improve the overall knowledge, living standard, hygiene practices and at last but not the least, the conscious of the individual, slum dweller kids, underprivileged girl child and women of the society. We do it simply by imparting them elementary education, basic necessities, consultation about skill development and earning bread and butter for life respectfully. We have proudly enrolled about 100+ slum kids as normal students to Govt. Schools and joining the mainstream. We are further mentoring them to cope up with the lags.

With an aim to empower women & young girls of the nearby Slum area, EastSons GoodWorks has started training them with special skills of stitching and making beautiful home decors. Not only the women are imparted training, but also, they are paid for the number of pieces they make. And being sold out. This way, we are helping the women in slum areas to be self-sustainable for the daily expenses of their respective lives. For such endeavour to keep going, it needs more people & involvement.    It necessarily requires support from the concerned intellectuals of the

society without which accomplishment of such a noble cause can never be possible. We appeal to all readers to come and join us to do some GoodWorks together.

We do study, play, celebrate and much more

Team work is essential for the success of any organization. Being a part of ESGW, they are working towards bringing a positive change in the way of living of the nearby slum dwellers.




Skill Development

Open Classes

GoodWorks in Progress: Let’s do some GoodWorks

Enrolled in Schools

Happy Volunteers


We’ve been Educating & Helping thousand’s of children & underprivileged people around. 

At present, over thousand students are directly associated with us at our GoodWorks Centres. Keeping this endeavour going is not one man’s affair. It necessarily requires support from other concerned intellectuals of the society without which accomplishment of such a noble cause can never be possible. Let’s get around and do some GoodWorks.


Our USP's

EastSons’ GoodWorks is a fully volunteer run non –profit association.
The objective is to provide better life through better education, better lifestyle, hygienic food & water etc. to street and underprivileged people and we are also encouraging the formation of various local groups to reach out to a larger section of population.

How can you get joined?

We are just a call or a message away. you can commute us by submitting the form here or giving a call directly on 0120-4374402. But not to forget, we always love meeting  face to face 

What do we do?

This is an initiative to get education at the doorstep of those who could not afford it. We believe in a society where knowledge leads to consciousness rather a job for survival only. Lets join hands and come together for this noble cause.

Let’s do some GoodWorks together?