Elevating Lives in Slums:

Health, Homes, and Education Upgrades

Enhancing Health, Living Conditions & Education Of

Slum Dwellers

Slums of our Country have been described as the "Filthiest in the World”. Bad Sanitation, Congestion and Overcrowded Shelters are the main problems of Slums. GoodWorks Trust works towards arousing civic consciousness and social uplift of the nearby slum dwellers.

Education & Awareness 3

Education & Awareness

We are continually working on literacy campaign in various districts among different states of India to enhance and promote better livelihood and education.         

Organization has imparted education for thousand’s of slum kids with

a vision to facilitate education for all.

Skill Development

In the direction of empowering women, a trainer started training the young girls & women, the skills of makeup and stitching.

Many women grabbed the opportunity and are now earning from their learnt skills.

Upholding the Identity

We nurture hopes and dreams of those forgotten by the society. We work towards arousing civic consciousness and making them skilled to earn and make their identity.

Developing Creativity

Creativity is a characteristic that allows a person to think out of the box. It is an act of transforming new and imaginative ideas into reality. We help them to interact with the outer world to make them creative which help to learn the basic lessons of life.

Activities 8
GoodWorks Health Awareness Camp

Hygiene & Sanitary Support

We regularly conducted awareness camps for health & hygiene in the nearby slums along with the cleaning drives.

We regularly conducted awareness camps for health and hygiene in the nearby slums along with the cleaning drives.

Healthcare Support

Good Health is not something we can buy ,however, it costs money to be cured. So we are running free dispensary for all, where we give them free consultation and medicine as well.

sponsor a child

We Are

Educating their kids.

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We Are

Spreading Awareness.

sponsor food & medicine

We Are

We care for their health.

Be the change that you want to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi


We are Lifting from Slums: With Passion

GoodWorks Trust strives to revolutionize the lives of underprivileged children with a mission to empower them. At GoodWorks, we largely emphasize and coherently work on how to address the grave issues of malnutrition and illiteracy among disadvantaged children effectively.

We have a dynamic team of individuals and volunteers who are painstakingly working on rendering free quality education to the underprivileged children & further integrating the initiative with introducing skill development programs & other meticulously developed welfare projects to facilitate them in spreading their wings and evolve in their respective lives.