Happiness comes from your own actions.

Illuminating Futures through education

In collaboration with the compassionate members of Motherhood Club, we are running “Project Lantern” dedicated to sponsoring the education of children at GoodWorks Trust. Project Lantern, our latest initiative, is a beacon of hope that shines brightly, illuminating the paths of children in need. Through Project Lantern, we aim to sponsor the education of these deserving children, covering essential expenses such as school fees, educational materials and more.

Project Lantern symbolizes our commitment to making a lasting impact on the lives of young minds. Along with Motherhood Club, we are combining our strengths and resources to create a meaningful and sustainable difference in the realm of education. Our goal is to provide them with the educational foundation they need to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future. Motherhood Club shares our passion for community welfare and the belief that education is a powerful tool for change. Together, we are pooling our resources to create a collaborative force that can bring about positive transformation in the lives of children facing economic hardships. Our joint efforts under Project Lantern amplify the impact we can make on the educational landscape. Project Lantern is not just an initiative; it's a collective effort to make a positive difference. Your support is invaluable, and together, we can illuminate the way for these children, empowering them to reach for the stars.

Together, we can light up the futures of these children, guiding them towards a path of knowledge, opportunity and success. Join us on this inspiring journey to light up futures and transform lives.

Illuminating the path

To sharpen the mind

Standing tall, to watch the nincompoop triumph

Supporting the ray of knowledge

Cutting all baldredash

Making each child, living on the street

Shine so bright.

Aha, who am i

I am the lamp post

Making many thrive and igniting a dream

Buried in the dungeons

Charging like a light brigade

Sitting on the chariot

To Ensure , journey from a footpath to a Marriot

I am just a lamp post shining all night

Akta Sehgal

Let's do some GoodWorks


Motherhood Club is a social enterprise founded by Akta Sehgal about 4 .5 years back to express gratitude to the most important person in one's life – A mother". Within one and a half years of Akta starting this journey of giving gratification to mothers, she was joined by Ila Pachauri. Ila joined as the Chief Happiness officer and now she is the Co – Founder of MHC. An all mothers team together leads the initiative which has a dedicated focus on Health, Wealth and Happiness and the same is being done with 3 ps – Passion Panache and Perseverance to Educate Empower and Enlighten the paths of anyone who is a part of the motherhood journey. Talk shows, social Drives , Panel discussions and above all promoting happiness is the key to Motherhood clubs Success.

So far they have done more than 20 drives toward menstrual hygiene, Raised funds for cancer patients , assisted in sponsoring annual education for more than 30 kids . They have two poetry anthologies to their credit and soon to be launched 2 story anthologies. Illuminating the Path of the nurturer and the nurtured is their motto.

In August 2023 Motherhood Club In collaboration with Goodworks Trust started Project Lantern - अंधकार से रोशनी की तरफ, an effort to support education of kids from the humble background and help them achieve all that they deserve.


People supporting us for this cause

No. Sponsor's Name No of Students Support
1 Ratan Kumar Agarwal 1 Annual
2 Parul Jha 2 Annual
3 Vivek Saraswat 7 Annual
4 Sunita Nimodia 1 Annual
5 Anju Kwatra 1 Annual
6 Pallavi Vachhani 1 Annual
7 Vineet Malhotra 1 Annual
8 N.N Dwivedi 1 Annual
9 Sarmistha Mukherjee 1 Annual
10 Akta Sehgal 1 Annual
11 Rakesh Pachauri 1 Annual
No. Sponsor's Name No of Students Support
12 Sagar Teckchandani 1 Annual
13 Jaya Shaktawat 1 Annual
14 Saurabh Ahuja 3 Annual
15 Shubhra Paliwal 1 Annual
16 Prena 1 Annual
17 Govind Sharma 1 Annual
18 Minakshi Bharadwaj Mishra 2 Annual
19 Harminder Kaur 2 Monthly
20 Swetha Sundar 1 Monthly
21 Surinder Kaur 2 Monthly
22 Mukesh Bhatnagar 2 Monthly