Teaching is the greatest act of optimism

A Teacher hopes for his students to understand and learn the things taught by him. It compels him to teach again and again if, even a single student could not understand the lessons. Regardless of the mischiefs and carelessness shown by the students, a teacher puts his maximum efficiency to make them understand the lesson. The scenario becomes more challenging with children who belong to the marginalized section of the Society. Making them attentive in the Class snatches away most of the time available with a Teacher and that too with not more than 10% success rate. More difficult is to teach these children who have a huge gap in their IQ levels irrespective of their age. In a single Class, 4-5 such groups can be easily identified. A child of 6 years is well aware of alphabets, tables, poems etc. At the same time, a child of 14 can’t even utter alphabets. Because, had never been to School before.

Both type of children are dear to a teacher. Neither can be left untouched. A teacher wishes improvement for both. But a lot of work need to be done on such children with more age and less IQ level. It requires a lot of patience and efforts again and again.

A teacher hopes positively, continues with his efforts and gets motivated on little improvements of his students no matter how much time that takes. Teaching is such a noble gesture and undoubtedly one of the greatest acts of optimism.