How To Sponsor A Child’s Education?

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and providing a better life for children. It is the most effective tool by which we can ensure that the country’s future is in responsible hands. Education makes the children understand the difference between right and wrong and inculcates them with a good scientific temper. But not all the children are lucky enough to get access to education. Sponsor a child’s education is the best option for them from well-off citizens of the country.

How To Sponsor A Child’s Education

As per the report of National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), there are approximately 32 million children who never attended any school in our country up to the age of 13. And, around 47 million children dropped out of secondary and higher secondary education. Children are not being able to attend the school for so many reasons. Either they are orphans or in poverty. As a society, it is our responsibility to do good for the people and what can be a better option than contributing to the child sponsorship programs?

This noble charity from your side will not only brighten the future of orphans or poor children but also uplift the overall condition of our country. Have a look at the best part to sponsor orphan children’s education. But before that also know what exactly sponsorship means-

What Is A Child Sponsorship Program?

It is a program where an organization, business firm, group, or individual can help to support the child’s education. This means one can donate the money to educate a child. That person will bear the expenses of a child related to his/her study. These expenses can be school fees, tuition fees, books, and other related expenses.

Best Part Of Sponsoring A Child’s Education

  • Can save the tax up to 50% under section 80 G(5) for charity related to sponsorship programs under the Income Tax Act 1961
  • Charity always makes you feel good
  • It will help in reducing the poverty in the country because educated youth will open up the new ways of employment
  • When every individual grows, the overall country grow
  • You can form a personal relationship with the child
  • Also, people who don’t have children can feel the love of the sponsored child

Don’t Know How To Sponsor A Child’s Education?

For those who don’t have the idea of this noble program, this is the ideal guide. We have mentioned a few steps below. Read them and get to know more about this wonderful program.

1. Find trustworthy NGO

There are many people who want to sponsor a child but don’t know its process. Even if they know the process, another thing that encounter is finding a trusted NGO. All the disturbing news of NGO frauds makes it very hard for people to trust any such organization. If you are interested to donate for children’s education, then you can contact us.

We are a famous and trustworthy organization that is working constantly to uplift orphan or unprivileged children.

2. Contact and personally visit the NGO

GoodWorks Trust has kept the process of donating money for child education very simple. All you have to do is just contact us or you can visit us at our organization in Noida. With a team of experienced professionals, we shall assist you. Also, you can contact us at any time for any queries or doubts. We welcome you to the best charity to sponsor a child in Noida.

3. Choose the child if interested

We offer two options for the people who are interested in helping us to sponsor a child’s education. Those who don’t have the time or just simply want to save the tax by sponsoring the education of the child can contact us. They can give us the amount that would be suitable to sponsor the education of the child. Rest will be done by us.

Another option is for those who want to form a personal bond with the child whose education they are going to sponsor. Yes, it is an ideal way because you will get to know the child personally and can motivate him/her to do better in life. For that, among all our children, you can choose any child and sponsor his/her education. For that, you have to visit our NGO in Noida.

Apart from this, one can know the result or ask us for the result of the child from time to time.


Most of the NGOs follow the no refund and cancellation policy. We are one of them. You have to be careful about it. Please make sure that you will be able to fulfill your promise of sponsoring a child’s education because we follow no refund or cancellation policy.

We are a known and trusted NGO in Noida. We are trying to our best to provide quality education to as many children as possible. You can support us in this outstanding cause. Let’s together make a better world. Also, this donation of yours to sponsor the child’s education will not only brighten up the future of our NGO’s children but will help in your tax savings. So, come forward and donate to a good cause. Sponsoring the child’s education program is very easy and our team will assist you at every step.

Hope you have understood the importance of this program and how it can help the unprivileged children. One effort from your side can change the whole life of a child. So, take it, and let’s spread the happiness and positivity in this world. For more such interesting reads, you can visit our site. Go through “How to Get A Tax Deduction for Charitable Donations In India?” and another helpful read to learn more about our amazing charitable programs.