NGOs Working For Education In India

Education is the best way to change the future of marginalized children and take a country to the heights. Going forward, a country needs skilled manpower. In this competitive world, it becomes extremely important for a country to educate every child. But such a task can’t be completed only by the government. External help is essential. Here comes the role of the NGOs. NGO providing free education to poor and marginalized children that aid also in completing the government target to teach each child in the country.

NGOs working for education in India

Before knowing about the NGOs providing free education, it is very vital to know about children’s educational rights. So, take a look at children’s educational rights-

Children’s Educational Rights

Under Article 45, the government made it compulsory to provide free education to the children of age group of 6-14.

The government has also brought the Right to Education Act, of 2009 to ensure enrolling as well as retaining children in school.

But it is a bit difficult for the government because of a lack of resources and other reasons. Here NGOs play a great role and come forward to help the government. Let’s know in detail how NGO working for education do their jobs to ensure the enrollment of as many children as possible.

How Do NGOs Help In Education?

There are so many ways by which NGOs work in education sector. Here we have mentioned a few. Before going forward, we would like to mention that NGO work will be much easier if people come forward to help them. If someone is capable of donating or sponsoring child education, then they should do this noble work without hesitation. Together we can build a better and wonderful world. Have a glance at these-

• NGOs providing technical support to children

Many NGOs mainly provide technical support to the children. In far-flung areas, many poor children don’t have access to the education because they can’t afford the technological gadgets. Especially during the Covid-time, these NGOs play a crucial role.

When schools were providing online education, most of the unprivileged and marginalized children couldn’t attend class because they didn’t have phones and laptops.

So, to provide quality and uninterrupted education to such children, NGOs provide technical support to them.

• Infrastructure development

In rural areas especially, schools’ infrastructure is not up to the mark. Children don’t have the basic things such as chairs, tables, etc. Also, school buildings are not properly built. So, there are NGOs that help in developing the proper infrastructure development of the school buildings. It is another good way to donate for education in India and light up the lives of poor children.

• Promote intelligence

Few NGOs pick up intelligent children from rural and urban areas. And, they sponsor their education till they get a job. The reason behind this thought is that they knew that due to resource scarcity, even the intelligent children left the school. That is why NGOs want this talented pool of children to be left behind simply because their parents can’t afford their education. We as an NGO are doing our level best to support as many such children as possible. Also, if you want to donate to child education in India, then we are the right choice for you.

• Skill development workshops

We also run the skill development workshops for the poor and marginalized children. Providing them the skill training not only inculcates confidence in them but also helps in get jobs in the market.

In village areas, children are not much aware of the technological innovations. Even if they knew it theoretically they have a lack of understanding of how to use such devices practically. In our skill development workshops, we try to provide them with that knowledge and make them feel that they are not less than anybody.

• Awareness and education sponsoring programs

Awareness of the educational rights and other rights of children is very important. Not only children but also parents should have a proper understanding of it. We and other NGOs also invest in awareness and education-sponsoring programs. Donate for underprivileged child education and let every child get a quality education.

FAQs About NGOs And Their Role In Education

1. What is the role of NGOs in education

NGOs are playing effective and very important in education. They are helping in building schools, providing free education to children, and also helping access education for children living in far-flung areas.

2. Which NGO providing free education in India?

GoodWorks Trust is a popular NGO that is known for its free and quality education program for the poor children in Noida India.

3. How you can connect to an NGOs program

NGOs need social support to run smoothly and help as many children as they can. If you want to connect to any noble program of ours, then just simply visit our website. There you will get our contact number and just call us. The further process you will know on call.

Which NGO Helps For Education In India?

GoodWorks is a trusted and very famous NGO in India which is known for its outstanding work in the field of education. This NGO is helping thousands of poor and underprivileged children across the country. They are running a free education program for the children. If you are interested to contribute in such noble work of them, then you can join it. Apart from this, to know more about this program you can contact the team and get all the related information about this program.

Come and join this noble work and bring smiles to unprivileged children’s faces because they too deserve the best life.

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Hope this is enough information for you to know about NGO role in providing education.